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Janco Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 8035)

Janco was established in 1990. Over the decades, Janco has made the transition from being a global freight forwarder to providing innovation + technology end-to-end solutions as an integrated logistics specialist. The transformation has been extraordinary!

Logistics is what could be called a “common sense” business – goods are taken from one or several places and delivered to single or multiple destinations. However, as a logistics specialist, our “sense” is not what most people would consider “common”. Janco believes in saying what we mean, not because it will be popular, but because it is right. We challenge ourself and the teams at Janco to do better, to achieve more. By doing so, Janco is challenging the industry to do better as well.

Our business is very much a people business. We don’t expect our top management team to be superheroes, but our ultimate goal is to build a super team. Our front-line and back-office people perform tasks that are far more meaningful than what we do as management.

Our vision is to deliver true end-to-end logistic solutions utilizing the latest technology and the most streamlined processes. While technology and automation have been adopted in our daily operations and activities, the human touch and customer interactions cannot simply be replaced by a bot. If a customer has a question, he speaks to a Janco employee. He is not directed to an FAQ page to look for the answer.

Our colleagues are encouraged to pay attention to the fine print – the details – to anticipate the demand of our customers as well as our customers’ customers. We are committed to delivering 100% and exceeding expectations. Our ability to be quick to understand a situation and agile in our response, means that we are able to offer flexibility to our customers. Flexibility defines and differentiates Janco. At Janco, innovation never ends!

Janco – Your Trusted Partner…A Choice You Make With Delight!