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Janco, Your trusted 3PL partner since 1990

Janco began as a global freight forwarder in 1990 handling freight at container, pallet and carton level. With the acceleration of online retail and eCommerce development, Janco devoted resources to customized logistic solutions for online and offline retail businesses, B2B in bulk and B2C at piece level to fulfil online orders that are delivered to end consumers.

Our Culture

Service beyond expectations is delivered with commitment and passion from the Janco team. Our team is happy to serve and always willing to help customers. The appreciation we receive from customers drives us to do better, to strive for excellence. We reward excellence which motivates our team to continuously build and support our customer-centric culture.

Our Values

Thinking critically, using analytics and asking pertinent questions are our key strengths. Quality is about providing optimal options and solutions, and to not blindly follow instructions without thought. We operate in a highly competitive marketplace which has no room for poor decisions.


We embrace hurdles and change. Obstacles provide opportunities for us to show how we adapt and excel when we go head-to-head against difficulties. Our irrepressible spirit and never-give-up attitude allows us to make things happen and get things right. We think big, make plans and action our plans in pursuit of our ambitions to better serve customers.


Innovation never stops! In our pursuit of excellence, we drive efficiency and accuracy with optimally-design facilities, operational flow and the latest technologies. We are known for providing customized solutions to tackle customer pain points.

Our Facilities

We have four warehouse locations in Hong Kong – Yau Tong, Fung Kut Heung and Lau Fau Shan – covering over 300,000 square feet, a fleet of B2B and B2C domestic trucks, as well as a network of facilities across the globe with affiliated partners. Our parcel handling and fulfillment center in the USA is another major strength and asset.

Our Network

Over the years, Janco has developed an extensive global distribution and freight forwarding network covering all major markets worldwide. In recent years, Janco has connected with many last-mile- delivery operators to service eCommerce parcel delivery to and from Mainland China, North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

Company Profile

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