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The Group, as part of the great community, is committed to dedicating our resources and our best thinking to build a sustainable business fit for the future and to build a better world for all stakeholders in different aspects. The board of directors (“Board”) make the following statements regarding the seven pillars of our ESG policy.


A Stronger Supply Chain Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately led to a widespread disruption of global supply chain. The Group, as one of key players in the global supply chain ecosystem, strives to strengthen our supply chain management in order to contribute better to the global supply chain, meeting the community needs, customer needs and stakeholder expectation.


Responding to Climate Change

The Group is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and refreshing our long-term goals as technologies advance and cost structure change against the backdrop of accelerated climate change, while aligning our operation and ESG performance with the target of net zero commission for the global community.


Promote Health & Well Being

We are determined to set ourself in a good position to maintain a robust business performance and growth together with our employees, with an objective to uphold an open, fair, just and reasonable human resource policy. The Group is committed to a holistic approach to health and wellness, through a healthy, comfortable and safe working environment that support health and wellness for our employees.



We are dedicated to replacing and enhancing our technical levels and processes to enable our business to deliver improved results, leveraging innovation to facilitate our people in making better decisions and t0 help manage energy use in a greener and smarter way.


Community Engagement

The Group encourages giving back and strengthening the community through volunteerism and philanthropy. Our employees are encouraged to contribute their time and talent to a variety of community organizations.


Governance Structure

Our ESG committee comprising the Board-level committee members represents the Board’s further determination and action to strengthen the our ESG management in the long run. The Board has the overall responsibility to define the Group’s ESG strategy and approach, manage and asses the Group’s ESG performance. The Board and senior management hold accountable for the responsibility of the Group’s ESG performance.