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Air Freight

Air Freight

Working 24/7 to deliver to destinations around the globe.

In this fast-moving and challenging environment, global capacity and demand in air freight is constantly in flux. At Janco, we are committed to providing stable and reliable services to maintain your supply chain integrity. Whether your needs are regional or global, Janco works with you to find the right air freight product to match your requirements and ensure timely delivery of your goods.

To cope with security measures implemented by HKCAD (Civil Aviation Department) in 2021, a new Rapiscan X-Ray System is installed at our Air Cargo Warehouse and ready for operations by end of December 2020.

An accredited IATA cargo agent, Janco offers a full suite of air freight services and an experienced team that can help clients to balance shipping costs, transit time and find optimal routing solutions. We are also constantly working to diversify our product offerings in this dynamic and competitive environment to serve you better.

At Janco, we work around the clock for you.