Key Carrier Partnership

World-class Logistics service provider, the best in “Greater China”.


We provide tailor made logistics service of excellent quality for each customer.

Measured Cycle Time

With an extensive network, Janco provides international freight services covering all the major cities of the world.

Competitive Pricing

Handles different types of cargo ranging from raw material, spare parts, equipment and all kinds of finished goods in textile, chemical, machinery and electronics industries.

Latest News and Promotions:


Janco won the world's top 10 Logitics Membership Enterprise campaign 2014 & attended the 4th Global Freight Forwarding Summit 2015


第四届全球物流企业发展峰会在广州隆重举行,骏高集团客服、海外代理、销售精英们应邀参加,与国内外优秀物流企业开展为期三天的面对面交流。共同探讨中国出口、进口的物流市场发展趋势,交换双方优势产品项目,加深合作,共同发展! 考考你的眼力,能否一眼看到我们JANCO的logo呢? 帅哥美女的搭配是如此亮眼 会场一对一交流气氛热烈,有点像相亲会哦~~~~   哇!恭喜骏高集团荣获2014年度全球十佳顶级物流会员企业奖项!我们的付出没有白费,获得大家的肯定是我们的骄傲,骏高人会继续努力为客户提供最优质的服务! 欧美、东南亚等优秀物流公司负责人纷纷慕名前来,表示愿意 与骏高集团开展合作,强强联合。 关注骏高集团公共微信平台,及时了解更多信息。

Our Strengths

Key Carrier Partnership
Competitive Pricing
Measured Cycle Time
EDI with Carriers
Easy-To-Use Tracking System
Capacity Protection During Peak Season

Our Qualifications

Shanghai MOC-NV01880 Qingdao MOC-NV02974
ShenZhen MOC-NV02837 Tianjin MOC-NV02903
Guangzhou MOC-NV02895 Ningbo MOC-NV02836
Xiamen MOC-NV03027 Nanning MOC-NV03904
Zhongshan MOC-NV05172
In order to protect the interests of our customers, we have insured a policy of “Transport Liability Insurance” for our worldwide freight forwarding busines,which covering a limit of indemnity up to maximum US$250,000.00 per any one incident.