Regional Distribution Centre

Strategic Locations with Greatest Connectivity.

We believe that location is a key element of a successful Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) operation. The more strategically placed a location is, the better connectivity it has for a seamless logistic operation.

Keeping that in mind, we have built an extensive network with easy access to the manufacturing bases, suppliers and customers, offering unparalleled geographical advantages for effective logistics at optimal cost and time.

Our local logistics facilities are strategically positioned in locations either right next to the container terminals or in the business districts. And outside of Hong Kong, our extensive network of partner locations spans across all parts of Greater China, covering major ports such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin and Guangzhou; as well as throughout Asia and worldwide.

In order to cope with our expansion of delivery service in Great China Region, we set up a warehouse in Shenzhen Qianhai Free-Trade Zone and it is in service already. With the cross-border land transportation service that we have been providing, our delivery service in the Great China Region is greater than ever.

On top of locations, all of our facilities are fully integrated with powerful WMS, inventory system and tracking technology that support seamless order fulfilment solutions and supply chain management.

With the right infrastructure, resources and team of professionals throughout the world, we can guarantee the most efficient and reliable RDC services for your supply chain operations.

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