Purchase Order and Vendor Management

Take Full Control of Your Operations for Absolute Visibility.

Managing Purchase Orders (PO) can be complicated and tedious when you are dealing with multiple vendors across the globe. Our PO and Vendor Management tool is specially designed to ease the process and give you full control and absolute end-to-end visibility of your entire supply chain under a single streamlined platform.

Simply define the performance criteria for your suppliers and vendors. Our sophisticated PO and vendor management tool will help you analyze and evaluate their performance accordingly. Find any points of inefficiency? Rectify, improve and add value to every aspect of your operations along the way and around the clock to optimise speed while minimising costs.

Here are some more advantages of our PO and vendor management tool:

• Better Vendor Management: Ensuring vendor compliance within agreed KPIs and parameters for efficiencys monitoring.
• Organized Documentation and Reports: A central source for all your shipment and billing documentations.
• Higher Accuracy and Less Error: Cross-reference order checks against PO quantity and cargo ready date.
• Efficient Time Management: Measure and compare actual performance against established time performance standards.
• Streamlined PO Distribution: PO distribution runs directly to factories and agents.

Talk to us and see how we can help you achieve a more effective and streamlined supply chain with our powerful PO and vendor management tool.