Road Freight

On the Road to Excellence with Janco.

Your shipments might have traveled the world via air and ocean, yet every freight begins and ends on land. A successful logistics operation is never complete without reliable and efficient road transportation services.

From trucks to tracks, Janco provides comprehensive domestic and international road transportation solutions that are backed by a robust network of experts and road carriers. Whether door-to-door, door-to-port, port-to-door, refrigerated trucking, or even cross-border line haul that covers the entire Greater China region, our all-inclusive road freight operations can cover your unique business needs and strategy.

In order to cope with the increasing transportation needs in Greater China Region, our truck fleet delivers between China and Hong Kong every day to provide fast and convenient cross-border transport service for you. With the powerful network that we built with our partners in the Greater China Region, we gain instant access to the major commercial and manufacturing centers in different districts easily. As our latest warehouse in Shenzhen Qianhai Free-Trade Zone begins to operate, our China-Hong Kong logistics service is enjoying enormous geographical advantage, and it will be the driving force for our expansion in the Great China Region.

As with all of our freight services, our road transportation solutions are fully supported by our powerful web-based tracking technology and can be integrated seamlessly with our value added services such as warehousing and distribution and express delivery.

Drive with the best. Contact us for more information about our road freight capabilities.