Cold Chain Logistics

Cold Chain Logistics Made Easy.

As in all other supply chains, cold chain operations require high efficiency, integrity, and safety. What’s more is that goods that go through cold chains, such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare and perishable products, are all temperature sensitive and time sensitive requiring more delicate and careful handling.

Knowing that cold chain management is never easy, we are here to make it simple for you.

Our cold chain solutions are effective, reliable and highly secured. Whether you are in need of ambient warehouse storage service, or refrigerated transportation and distribution, our comprehensive service plan will cover all your needs. In particular, we offer tailor-made multi-temperature solutions for the Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries.

Our climate-controlled warehouse in Yau Tong spans over 20,000 square feet. With our sophisticated and highly secured WMS and inventory management system, you can easily access your inventory data and track orders in real-time around the clock. Our professional fleet of refrigerator trucks are temperature controlled, GPS tracked, GDP compliant, and integrated with remote temperature monitoring devices to ensure safe transit and delivery of your temperature-sensitive loads.

To ensure your products are always of their highest quality throughout the supply chain, we have strict adherence to international standards and legal requirements on safety and hygiene. Our warehouse facility is GDP compliant and is staffed with professionals who have all necessary GDP training.

Connect with us and visit Janco Pharma . We have the answer to your cold chain management needs.