Make It Simple. Make It Work.

At Janco, we believe that the core of a successful business revolves around efficient logistics operations. We understand your need for a logistic service that is operated by professionals who genuinely know their jobs and your products. We understand your desire to have a reliable and cost-effective end to end operation that you can track and trust.

This is why we are here for you to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our integrated logistics solutions cover all your logistics needs from transportation, warehousing, distribution to value added services. Our logistics specialists are dedicated to work with you to develop, implement and manage logistics solutions that would empower your business to achieve a new level of efficiency and effectiveness. Our service goal here at Janco is to “make it simple and make it work”; whatever industry sector you operate in, and whatever the scale of your business.

To ensure a seamless flow of operations, we work closely with our extensive network of partners and carriers. That combined with our highly-specialized IT management systems which allow total shipment visibility and traceability guarantees unparalleled services that you can’t find elsewhere.

Our major scope of integrated logistics services includes:

Our target business segments include: