365 Solution One-Stop Project Solution for Enterprise

365 Solution One-Stop Project Solution for Enterprise


Janco Group has recently developed 365 Solution – A One-Stop Project Solution for Enterprise (www.365-solution.com). 365 Solution is a solution provider which offer one-stop integrated solution for Logistics, Human Resources, Marketing and Information Technology. 365 Solution has a strong professional team that can provide SME customers with manual recruitment, online marketing and local delivery solutions.

In addition to targeting the local market, 365 Solution is also actively expanding business in Southeast Asia. Our professional development areas include: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Japan, South Korea and other places, providing enterprises with Logistics, Human Resources, Marketing, Technology Solutions and Consulting Services.

Over the past few months, 365 Solution has provided Human Resources and Logistics solutions for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, operating 12 Sample Collection Stations and carry out the logistics packaging for epidemic prevention packages.

365 Solution has also set up exhibitions for different companies in several shopping malls in Kowloon and the New Territories to promote their products. We hope to provide one-stop solutions for more companies in the near future.

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