Singles’ Day 2019 – Trial for Janco Team

Singles’Day 2019 – Trial for Janco Team


In previous months, Janco has been deploying huge amount of resources in the development of e-Commerce and healthcare businesses. As a result, we gained a number of new clients, including Cainiao and Bonjour, and they are supporting us today – Singles’ Day of 2019.

Until 12:00 noon today, our e-Commerce and healthcare team have already received over 100,000 orders up to 12:00 noon, which is 30% more than the record at the same time last year. Thanks to the training and resources planning works completed in advance, our work flow and efficiency have been greatly improved comparing with last year.

With the flawless preparation works, our teams are fearless to face more challenging situations and eager to handle more and more parcels in the coming days!

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