Janco Provides Guided Warehouse Visit to PolyU Students

Janco Provides Guided Warehouse Visit to PolyU Students


In the past Saturday, Janco had its first co-operation with tertiary education institutions and held a guided warehouse visit for the students from PolyU. The visit began with the site visit led by our CEO Mr. Barry Ng and followed with an open discussion session which part of our top management level are present to address the questions raised by the students. We are delighted to see how we have stimulated the students to think of issues on not only the operations side but also the safety and risk control side.

Janco is dedicated to fulfilling corporate social responsibility and treats transferring operational know-how to students to facilitate their learning as one of the means to achieve the goal. We always hope not only the students but also our managers can gain from the visits. That is the reason why Janco values every chance to co-operate with different institutions and provide guided visits to students.

For enquiries, please contact us at hkg@jancofreight.com

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