Janco and Easttop Group Entered a Logistics Service Agreement

Janco and Easttop Group Entered a Logistics Service Agreement



Janco signed an agreement with Easttop Group, a listed company in Shenzhen (stock code: 002889), earlier this month. The agreement appoints Janco to handle cross-border E-commerce business of Easttop’s customers in Hong Kong, which Janco will be responsible for providing storage, pick and pack, and inventory management services.

On top of transportation and storage services, Easttop also included E-commerce business financing, export and import agency service, procurement, distribution and after-sales services in their supply chain management service package. With an in-depth analysis of each customer, Easttop helps its customer to manage their supply chain efficiently with customized solutions.

Apart from developing our E-commerce business, Janco also wishes to explore more opportunities of co-operation with Easttop in other fields related to supply chain management in the future, especially in the field of E-commerce business financing, through the means of promoting quality products of Easttop to our customers.

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